To satisfy our clients’ needs concerning ready-mix concrete, delivering quality concrete mixtures, meeting client specifications and focusing on timeliness and customer service excellence


To be the US company with the highest quality standards in all our products

At ADC we believe that our mission can only be accomplished by living and behaving according to our core values, they drive each and every interaction with our clients, suppliers and other members of our team


We recognize that to achieve customer service excellence we must exceed our customer’s expectations. We focus on providing an excellent customer experience each and every time. This is what drives our commitment to our clients

Empathy and Integrity

We strive to understand our clients’ perspective with a positive and honest attitude. We want our clients’ to know that we care, that we will follow through on our promises and honor our commitments


We work together as a team to help our customers' meet their goals. We embrace cooperation, diversity of thought and culture. We think that our ability to collaborate effectively with others has a positive impact on the quality of the work we do

Loyalty and Trust

At ADC we believe that good relationships are built on trust, and we aim to a productive long-term relationship with our clients. We know that trust is hard to obtain, and even harder to redeem, but by being loyal to our driving principles we will succeed in gaining and keeping our clients’ trust

Concrete Volume Calculator

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Calculate an estimate cost for your concrete project needs
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Enter dimensions in US units (inches or feet) or metric units (centimeters or meters)
Get resulting volume in cubic yards, cubic feet or cubic meters
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All Day Concrete Inc. Products
3000 PSI C3000HR15 3000 PSI - 1.5 " Hard Rock
(4.5 Sack) C300HR1 3000 PSI - 1 " Limestone
C3000HR38 3000 PSI - 3/8 " Limestone
3500 PSI C3500HR15 3500 PSI - 1.5 " Hard Rock
(5 Sack) C3500HR1 3500 PSI - 1 " Limestone
C3500HR38 3500 PSI - 3/8 " Limestone
4000 PSI C4000HR15 4000 PSI - 1.5 " Hard Rock
(5.5 Sack) C4000HR1 4000 PSI - 1 " Limestone
C400HR38 4000 PSI - 3/8 " Limestone
4500 PSI C4500HR15 4500 PSI - 1.5 " Hard Rock
(6 Sack) C4500HR1 4500 PSI - 1 " Limestone
C4500HR38 4500 PSI - 3/8 " Limestone
5000 PSI C5000HR15 5000 PSI - 1.5 " Hard Rock
(6.5 Sacks) C5000HR1 5000 PSI - 1 " Limestone
C5000HR38 5000 PSI - 3/8 " Limestone
5500PSI C5500HR15 5500 PSI - 1.5 " Hard Rock
(7 Sack) C5500HR1 5500 PSI - 1 " Limestone
C5500HR38 5500 PSI - 3/8 " Limestone

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